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As an artist steeped in the most visceral figurative painting context, Vince Garcia is developing his current work focusing on the representation of his immediate environment, mixing images and compositions that come from his own photographs as well as the inevitable influence of social media.


After graduating in Fine Arts in 2009, Vince devoted his continued artistic formation to urban landscape with a decadent vision of cities such as New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles; cities where he traveled for his research. In 2010, García made a name for himself at an itinerant exhibition hosted by the Premio Joven Artes Plasticas (Young Fine Arts Prize) in Madrid. Later, he dove into the art gallery world with solo and collective exhibitions both at national and international galleries with an evolution of the same urban images, but this time from the point of view of digital interfaces such as Google Street View. As a result of his wandering curiosity, Vince developed a representation of the digital landscape with a much more advanced pictorial language.


Vince lives and works in Madrid and for over 10 years has been teaching figurative drawing and painting classes both in his private studio and in workshops throughout Spain. His works are in foundations and private collections in Spain, Amsterdam, Tuscany, London and New York and he has exhibited in national and international museums, galleries and institutions from Spain, Italy and Costa Rica to New York.

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