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JMauer photo BW.jpg

Judy Mauer is a New York City based photographer whose beautiful images challenge and delight viewers with enigmatic creativity and compelling beauty. Her lens has captured a remarkable range of subjects, from reflections in glass and moving water to cosmic light. Her technique involves capturing versus manipulating the images that catch her eye. Her photos are vibrant, often colorful and richly textured. However, the consistent theme that is woven in all she does is manifest in her focus on reflections, both literal and personal.


People are often shocked to learn that her images are created with one shot. They are not double exposures or manipulated in Photoshop. As Mauer explains, “I concentrate on the architecture behind me to place the mannequins in a city environment. It’s all in the reflections.”


Since Mauer found photography after a successful career as a music and radio producer, her photographic work has been acclaimed in solo and group exhibitions throughout the United States and in Australia, Germany, England, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Dubai and Brazil. She was the 2014 winner of the WGPA Photography Award in Malaga, Spain and the Life Framer Competition in London, UK. Mauer lives and works in New York City, dividing her time between Brooklyn and Chelsea. 

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