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Helga Stentzel is a London-based multidisciplinary artist working across a wide range of media, encompassing photography, sculpture and mural design. Her unique approach to photography has consistently garnered recognition, ultimately resulting in the prestigious title of Hasselblad Heroine in 2023.


Stentzel's creative practice is an exploration of beauty in the mundane, a distinctive thread that weaves through both her photography and sculptures. With a keen eye for the often overlooked, she elevates the ordinary to the extraordinary. 


Through her lens, the commonplace transforms into a realm of aesthetic wonder, inviting viewers to perceive the familiar in a new light. In her sculptures, Helga extends this ethos, sculpting intricate narratives from everyday elements, unveiling the important messages hidden within the seemingly mundane tapestry of life.


In just the three short years since Helga left art direction and commercial work behind, she has exhibited on three continents, from a solo show in Seoul, Korea, to an exhibition at the Royal Academy in London and art fairs in the United States and Canada.

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