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Brian Riley is an interdisciplinary artist making paintings, drawings, and photographic based work. He received his BFA from Cooper Union in 1995. His work has been exhibited at a variety of galleries and institutions including, MOSS N.Y., Paris Photo, The Holden Luntz Gallery, The Berlin Photo Festival, Gateway Project Space, Newark, N.J. and The International Photography Museum of St. Louis. Brian's work has been published in various forms in both the United States and Europe, including on the cover of the renowned Dutch photography publication EYEMAZING.

"My art is about how one person attempts to articulate what it feels like to see and feel the world around them. I make things, drawings, paintings, photographs, objects, and experiences in an attempt to find a moment of balance in the ever-fluctuating now.

For 30 years I have been dedicated to following my muse, creativity... as it twists, turns, creates, destroys, and always remains elusive. I feel creative energy is the one thing all human beings have access to. As a maker, I dip my finger into this stream, process it through my life experiences, and present it to others in my work.

Where these objects and images land, whom they affect and why I cannot know. What l do know is the art I make ask me questions. Who am I, what is this time lam in, and most of all, how can I manifest ideas that lead to the positive growth of things outside myself? Can I, as a maker, add to the world something not made of ego but born of the heart."

paintings     works on paper
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