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Alex Voinea’s work can be viewed as a study of contrasts, the interplay of control and precision versus serendipity that evolves and mutates into a free expression of emotion splashed on the canvas in brilliant displays of color and form.


Fading backgrounds create depth and perspective in his abstract work, but with an almost hyper-realist definition in which Alex transmits a vibrancy of motion and fluidity to his paintings; bursts of color that result in happy accidents where proportionality and constraint give way to the actual experience of freedom created by the artist and experienced by the viewer. Drippings, brushstrokes and various effects, done with a surprising assuredness of execution, without a trace of hesitation, coexist on a same surface creating a rich universe, one that is organic, rhythmic and alive.


Initially inspired by experiments with liquid paint on vibrating surfaces, Voinea’s intention throughout his various recent series of abstract works has remained the same, to capture and freeze a vibrant and colorful moment in time and space. Voinea consistently expresses his passionate and inquisitive character in his colorful abstract paintings, adventurous works that push the bounds of creativity with experimentation, brilliant colors and striking forms. Voinea’s oeuvre, in summary, is visceral, striking and powerful, living and organic.


Alex Voinea’s paintings have been exhibited and admired throughout Europe and the United States, including in Brussels, Paris, Milan, London, Amsterdam, Stockholm, New York and Los Angeles.

paintings     works on paper

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